CDRI Fellowship Programme

Making tomorrow’s infrastructure sustainable and resilient requires investing in high calibre research and innovation today. Increasingly complex infrastructure systems of the 21st century require capabilities that can combine knowledge from multiple disciplines, harness the promise of emerging technologies, and bring together insights from the local level. The CDRI Fellowship Programme is designed to develop a global pool of practitioners who represent such capabilities.

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Thematic Areas

Early warning & decision support system for infrastructure

Our current and future infrastructure is at risk from disasters. A key intervention to mitigate the impacts of these disasters involves the use of Early Warning Systems (EWS) and efficient Decision Support Systems (DSS).

Resilience standards for infrastructure

Standards are crucial in scaling up disaster and climate resilience in infrastructure investments and ensuring that infrastructure is prepared to withstand present and future disasters.

Nature-based solutions for infrastructure resilience

Nature-based Solutions (NbS) offer a cost-effective mechanism to boost infrastructure resilience while also improving livelihoods, benefiting economies and ecosystems.

Risk finance for infrastructure

Risk financing strategies for each nation depend on its capacity, risk appetite, resources, and willingness to manage risk. Nevertheless, appropriate financing can incentivize the resilience of infrastructure systems.

Health infrastructure resilience

Since 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected countries whilst many healthcare systems have reached the point of exhaustion. An avalanche of cases combined with aging infrastructure and under-resourced human capacity has overburdened the healthcare system in almost all countries.

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