Salient Features

Fellowship Amount

CDRI offers a lump-sum Fellowship amount up to US$15,000 or equivalent, inclusive of all costs and 15% of the honorarium/overhead of endorsing institute.


Students, scholars, faculty, researchers, practitioners from government agencies, service agencies, non-governmental organizations, private organizations, and community workers from CDRI member countries are eligible to apply for the CDRI Fellowship Programme.


The research proposal must be endorsed by any recognized academic or research institute/ government organization.

Team Members

The proposal can be submitted by an individual or a group of maximum five persons.

Multi-Project Opportunity

At any time, a candidate can be part of up to two research projects under the CDRI Fellowship Programme.


The research project is to be completed within 12 months from the disbursement of the first instalment of the Fellowship grant.

Term of Payment

The grant is paid as a lump-sum amount in two equal instalments. The first instalment is released at the beginning of the Fellowship; the second instalment is released after a satisfactory progress of research work towards the third quarter.

Progress Review Process

All research proposals need to be accompanied by a work plan with timelines of major deliverables which are quarterly monitored by CDRI and technical experts.

Further Opportunities

CDRI may consider further collaboration with the best performing researchers and ways to upscale the research projects.

Ethics and Plagiarism

Violation of ethics and any research plagiarism detected at any stage of the Fellowship will lead to termination of the Fellowship.


There is no application fee for the CDRI Fellowship Programme.